Client Bill of Rights

This is your money and your financial future, and we will always remember and respect that. As a result, you can expect an unwavering commitment to the following:


  • Confidentiality…Your personal and financial information will be treated as one of your most valuable assets and will be protected with the strongest conviction.
  • Clarity…You will receive an Envision® Plan that clearly and accurately reflects your investing and/or retirement goals, risk tolerance, and portfolio objectives.
  • Attentiveness…Calls will be answered in person by a team member during administrative staff hours, and client questions will be answered with priority that same day.
  • Disclosure…In the interest of trust and optimal performance, any and all costs or investment expenses will be fully disclosed and explained to you in advance.
  • Preparation…Periodic investment analysis and portfolio review will be conducted at your convenience to continually assess goals and performance, and to ensure proactive management.
  • Comprehensiveness…A team-focused approach and referrals to highly qualified specialists will create a full-service destination that caters to your total financial and retirement needs.


Our Pledge to You

When you entrust your assets to us and our firm, we make you one sincere promise: No one outside your own family will care more about securing your financial success than the team here at Capstan.