Discover Your Financial Potential

Our Process

1 Introduction

This complimentary brief meeting can be conveniently booked directly through this website. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the prospective client's needs, describe the services that we provide, and discuss what will be needed prior to our “first meeting.” This introductory meeting can be virtual, by telephone, or in person.

2 First Meeting

This meeting defines the responsibilities and expectations of both the advisor and the client. The relationship and timeline is defined at this stage. If agreeable to both parties, a plan will be implemented.

3 Data Gathering

To begin the planning process, we will collect various data to ensure an appropriate framework. Most of the data gathering can be collected electronically; although, some information may include paperwork that will be collected in person or by mail.”

4 Plan Creation

Once all data has been gathered, we will create an investment plan, which includes an action list and aims to maximize the likelihood of long-term life goal success. The plan will include recommendations for investment allocations based upon the client's risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives.

5 Proposal

During this meeting, we will review the proposed plan and make adjustments, if necessary, based upon our review. Responsibilities are assigned for various functions in executing the agreed upon plan.

6 Implementation

During this phase, all action items will be addressed in an appropriate timeliness. This is the stage where all of the work and preparation is put into motion. Different action items will have have different time frames.  We will work with the client to ensure that all items are addressed with priority.

7 Meetings to review progress and ensure the plan is on track

Our meetings begin as soon as the first action item of the plan is carried out.  Our process includes making sure the recommended plan is carried out and also ensures that any material facts that could alter the plan are well communicated.  Both the advisor and the client have various responsibilities during this process.

8 Review Meetings

We suggest a meeting at least annually to update risk tolerance, changes in long-term goals, lifestyle changes and update the plan. Timely, open, and honest communication are keys to a successful plan and both parties share this responsibility. Meetings in-person or virtually are proactively scheduled to review activity.